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If Jesus Were Here…

Where is Jesus? We’ve all heard it… I’m pretty sure I’ve even said it…   “If Jesus were alive today…” If Jesus were alive/here today He wouldn’t be found in the church… If Jesus were alive/here today He’d be “out there” in the streets, If Jesus were alive/here today He’d be hanging out with prostitutes […]

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Does the Bible Matter

The first in our Summer “I’ve Got Questions” Series.  Does the Bible matter?  What if the Bible had never existed?  What would change in your life? Lots of people complain about segments of the Bible that are difficult to understand.  Isn’t that a cop-out?  Much of it is pretty easy to understand.  “Love one another” […]

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General Assembly 2014

Thanks you for the privilege of serving as a Delegate for the Christian and Missionary Alliance General Assembly 2014. There is no way th at I can report everything that God spoke and accomplished over the duration of the 5 days we gathered in Ottawa.  Thankfully, the denomination has provided a website that contains pictures, […]

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When Pastors Meet

Pastor 1- (with a smile) Hi Pastor 2- Hi Pastor 1- So… where you from? Pastor 2- First Bapticostal Community Church[1] Pastor 1- Really?  Do you know the Ouanders?  I think they go to your church Pastor 2- No, ‘fraid I don’t.  They might have been before my time. Pastor 1- yeah… probably… (insert awkward […]

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