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Are You Ready?

Hey, I know Christmas isn’t here yet but, a new year is just around the corner! Happy New Year! What that means in this neck of the woods is that… well… that the sun went down (like it normally does) and came up the next morning (like it normally does)… and …well… I don’t know. […]

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The Baby in the Manger

Protestants are adamant about their crosses. Maybe you haven’t noticed. Catholics typically use crucifixes.  The term “crucifix” is of Latin origins and essentially means ‘fixed to a cross’.  So most Catholic crosses contain some representation of Christ affixed to the cross. Protestants on the other hand, typically employ naked crosses.  That is, crosses without a […]

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Check out my song “May God Bless Your Day” here I can’t remember how old I was… probably old enough to know better. It was Christmas morning. That year one of my gifts was a tin Indy 500 race car.  It might have had flames on the fenders.  I remember red, white, yellow and blue […]

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