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Concerning Vacations

Allow me to present Concerning Vacations from  The Parables of Safed the Sage by William E. Barton, 1917.   NOW I dwelt in a city and the labor of the weeks was heavy, so it came to pass as summer approached, that every year I went on a Vacation. And ofttimes I rode upon a stage in […]

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The small rural village of Idlesborough was blessed with the gift of two excellent bakers. The word was they had grown up together but had suffered a falling out in their teen years and become sworn enemies.  Both had developed a passion for baking, gone abroad to develop world class skills and returned home in […]

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I am a sinner…

I am a sinner… That statement typically elicits two types of immediate responses. The first is a guilt response from those who hate being called “sinners”.  They launch into a rancorous barrage of arguments and accusations… …sin is a construct made up by narrow-minded, religious bigots in an attempt to suppress joy and enslave the […]

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