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God loves you… …we think you’re pretty special too! A few years ago I discovered this Desktop Wallpaper. “Hello, I’m your WALLPAPER (and I love you)”.  I think I can appreciate the thought behind it.  Everybody should be told daily that they are loved! Atheists tend to reject God because, for many of them, He […]

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When God Asks for it Back

Ever felt like God was asking you to give something up?  Maybe it’s something that you treasure… something you always wanted… something that you believed He had promised you!! What do you do when God asks for it back? Please NOTE: the Q&A portion of our gatherings are not posted as part of the audio […]

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the Prophetic (Hearing God)

This week in our continuing “I’ve Got Question” Series, Pastor Paul Woodburn explores what it means to hear God. Please note the “Open Mic” Questions are not included as part of this posting.  It takes enough courage to ask a question in public without the fear of having it posted on the internet.  If you […]

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Second Work of Grace?

This week in our summer “I’ve Got Questions” series we look at the much maligned and sometimes controversial phrase “Second work of Grace” If you’re in the area why not join us this coming Sunday as we look at “The Prophetic”?

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