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Archive for October, 2015

Busy – Punishment or Disobedience

  I’m not sure when it happened or even why.  Maybe, it’s just me but, have you noticed how we have completely abandoned any semblance of a sacred calendar? Our lives no longer revolve around the feasts, festivals and holy-days of faith but dance the beat of business, commerce.  In other words, our calendars declare […]

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Stone to Bread – Luke 4:1-13

We trust these messages are helpful for you.  If so why not take a few moments and leave a message in the comment section below? This week we look at how Jesus faced temptation – but more than just a “Guide to dealing with Temptation” we want to look at what God might be saying […]

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Giving Thanks

“It is,” writes the Psalmist, “a good thing to give give thanks to the LORD!” …I’m sure he would agree that this needs to happen more than once a year! This Sunday we followed the format that I called “Todah” (AKA Individual Psalm of Narrative Praise) to write and express our thanks to God.  Why […]

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I’m embarrassed to say I purchased Exodus: Gods and Kings. Had I only known… I would have saved my money. Our family doesn’t typically go to the theatre to watch movies – we find it more enjoyable to curl up on the couch in front of our own big screen at home.  So we waited […]

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The Power / Price of the Gospel – Luke 3:15-20

How am I supposed to live my passion? That’s what everyone is talking about these days.  TED Talks, self-help gurus, motivational speakers news casts and documentaries.  It seems everyone is saying the same thing.  “Abandon everything in order to live your passion! Heck, people are quitting their jobs to live their passion! Luke seems to […]

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