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Archive for April, 2016

Sowing and Reaping – Luke 6.36-19

Just a quick reminder that these messages are sometimes edited.  I believe that at times God gives a message for those who are present or specifically for the church family gathered face-to-face – those items are often removed for this more public format. If you plan to use the Small Group Companion we would encourage […]

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Land Discussion

Recently, as a church family we had a discussion around a bit of land that God has blessed us with.  The discussion was part of a brunch Celebration affair and as you will see below all ages participated.  We wanted to make the results available to our church family as we look forward. The responses […]

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Death is like a… (Part II)

In Part 1 I suggested that death is more like a curtain than a cave.  That it is passage as opposed to a place.  I suggested that maybe our fears are rooted in the fact that we cannot see what lies beyond. But I think there’s more… I think in our hearts we sense that […]

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