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I think I understand why God does not do more miracles… particularly in North America. Understand, I’m not saying that He can’t or doesn’t I’m only trying to explore if there might be  a reason why we don’t see more. Have you ever gone back and watched an old movie?  One where technology plays a […]

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Ancient Prayers: Confession and Petition

(Could I encourage you to pray this line by line… slowly) Holy Lord, I have sinned more times then I can number, I’ve been guilty of pride and unbelief, I’ve failed to seek Your mind in Your Word, Nor have I sought You in my daily life. My transgressions and failings condemn me, but I […]

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So those who know me know that I’m allergic to the terminology of “seeker services”.  Now, I know what is meant by the terminology so often I smile and nod and hide the rash… …but… The notion that the church exists to create events that are attractive to people who do not know Christ seems […]

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