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A Parable

I used to sell my TV every time I moved…

Seriously…  every single time I moved for the first several decades of my life, if I owned a TV, I would sell it or give it away when I was moving.  Then I would live the first six months in my new place without a TV.

Image result for too much TVI used to go on a 30-day TV fast every six months.  Every April and every October I would unplug the television, put away the remotes and…

…and find something else to do with my time.  The first time I did it I thought it was going to be this huge challenge so I put all the remotes in a box and wrapped the box in duct tape… turns out the first time was easy… the second time was a killer and the third time was even worse.

Since I didn’t have cable, the only TV I could watch were those channels that could be picked up with an antennae.   Around the time when I was getting used to  taking these TV-fasts all the TV channels went digital and I ended up being unable to watch TV at all…

… then I discovered Netflix.

…I keep thinking I should get around to trying a Netflix fast –

…right after I’m done watching this series.

Matthew 5:29-30

Whoever has ears to hear…

…just sayin…

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  1. Judy says:

    I think I could give up TV but I also think I would immediately fill my time with stuff..
    I don’t think stuff or TV is necessarily bad for us, but I to often feel empty and choose stuff when deep down I know these things are temporary. So why do I allow things of this world separate me from the eternal? Just saying sin is passing the buck…prayer and time in the Lord’s presence is what we all need more of. Thinking Out Loud.

  2. Chris Holtzhauer says:

    I do not have TV cable. I did go through Big Bang Theory withdrawal, but I found more rewarding ventures …. Alpha is Tuesday evening, Bible Study is Thursday evening. Spending more time with Jesus is very calming. I sleep much better.


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