mountain-valleyI’m not sure I have ever been totally comfortable with the whole valley metaphor.

We tend to talk about valleys as “dark times” or troubling times in our lives but have you ever given any thought to what a valley represents in nature?  In nature it’s the mountain peaks that are barren, rugged, harsh.  People die trying to get to the top of mountains!

Valleys on the other hand are typically lush.  Rivers snake through valleys.  Still, clear lakes glisten in valleys.  Meadows don’t sit on mountain tops.

Still… when we talk about challenging times which encompass our lives we talk of valleys.

OK so let’s talk valleys… metaphorically…

I was wrestling with how to respond to both my own circumstances and the challenges of a dear friend when it occurred to me that the valley isn’t mine.

That maybe sounds obvious to you – but at the time it was something of a revelation to me.

It’s His Valley

In more traditional lingo, “God is in control!” Even in the valley He is sovereign… more than just sovereign – he doesn’t just rule the valley like a benevolent king… He owns it!

Not, “owns it” like it’s His property it’s more than that… the valley is possessed by Him.  Possessed by His presence, His nature, His will… Yes! His will!  Even this part of your journey will work to bring about His purpose.

People may be caught off-guard but never God.  Trust Him to work  His work and accomplish His purpose in you, through you and with you in this.  His will, will be done not because He is able to overcome the valley but because the valley is His!

He’s Present

If the valley is His… and because you are His – He, God, is with you.  Not with you like a friend walking through it, but WITH you in the Biblical sense.  In, through, around, behind and BEFORE.

He’s not worried because He knows the end of the story.  He knows the goodness that lies ahead because it’s His goodness… He knows the blessing around the corner because it’s His blessing… He can make promises because He knows it is already done.

Do your part… do what you can… remain faithful – but rest in Him.  When has He ever failed?

What makes you think that He would want to break a perfect record by failing you?