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One of my aunts (I have/had about a dozen) got married later in life.  Because she was so… mature… when she got hitched she already had many of the things young newlyweds often only dream about… like a house of her own. Instead of selling it, she opted to put it up for rent, thinking to use it as an income property.

It rented almost immediately and she was off living her married life in another city or country while happily collecting the proceeds.

All was well until the family moved out and she tried to rent it again.

To this day the state of that house ranks as one of the filthiest dwelling I have ever seen.  When we went to see it we could not touch the walls or banisters.  Even touching door knobs required disposable towels or gloves.  Some rooms contained what looked like decaying matter, sections of the carpet still held what clearly looked like human waste.  The smell was something I cannot describe.

Let’s say, before departing the house the tenants had called up my aunt (their land lady) and said, “Something stinks in the house!  It’s so bad we can’t sleep at night and the neighbours are starting to complain!”

Let’s say they complain for months and nothing changes!  Finally in a fit of angered frustration they decide to move.  They find a new place and begin to pack.  Imagine they pack everything.  The beds, the dressers, the pictures off the wall, the microwave, the knick-knacks.  They pack their clothes and mementos.  They pack their board games, fridge, freezer, TV, stereo and video games.  They pack the drapery and all the bath mats.  They roll up the carpet, decaying matter, fecal matter, filth and all.  They strip the house down to drywall and subfloor, put it all in a truck and move it to their new home where they unload it all and set it all back up…

It’s not going to be long until they are complaining about the smell again…

In fact, even if they left everything behind at the old address but continued in their same old (dirty) habits, no matter how pretty the new place is, it’s gonna get smelly again.

Why is it that Christians think moving from one ministry to another… from one church to another is a solution?  Why do we insist on dragging our stink around with us when Christ invites us to leave it behind?  Why do we feel that moving into a place where nobody knows our baggage means that we don’t have any?

It’s time we stopped hauling our stinky junk around!




It seems to me, the only think Jesus invites us to take with us is a cross…



…just sayin…