All my heroes are fallen.

….all my heroes have clay feet….

Of course I know this already… knew this already… still…

I’ve just discovered that a couple of my “heroes” are… well… not heroes. I didn’t expect them to be perfect – that would be foolish – nobody is perfect. I only wanted them to live up to my ideals…

I wanted them to be the me that I so long to be…

Pretty snappy definition for a hero, hunh?


Hero ˈhi(ə)rō/  noun:- a person who is, what you long to be…

Perhaps this one is better:

Hero  ˈhi(ə)rō/  noun:- a person who appears to be that which you long to be… but don’t have the strength to become….

Turns out my “heroes” had no more strength than I did.

Turns out my “heroes” were no more what I longed to be than I was…

Funny how that works.


So, I sit here with the realization that I am someone’s hero.  That someone out there is looking to me as if I am the epitome of what they long to be, but lack the strength to become.

This isn’t going to end well.

I’m going to let them down

It’s inevitable.

Actually, the truth is I have already let them down, they just don’t know it yet…  They think I’m “X” and really I’m “Y”  they heard me …or saw me.. or read something I wrote and thought that was all there was to me.

Eventually they will see me with my socks and shoes off… and discover that I have clay feet.


…just sayin’