Hey, I know Christmas isn’t here yet but, a new year is just around the corner!

Happy New Year!

What that means in this neck of the woods is that… well… that the sun went down (like it normally does) and came up the next morning (like it normally does)… and …well… I don’t know.

Face it… it’s just another day – a day off from work and school… but still, just another day.

I don’t know if you engage in the ritual of writing out resolutions or not…
…stop smoking
…lose weight
…spend more time with family
…make more money
…spend less money
…get out of debt
…find a job
…move out of Mom’s house and find a place of my own…

the usual…

Here’s my question.  When you make those resolutions what are you actually saying?  It seems to me that a resolution is an acknowledgment of a couple of things:

First, that something in my life is busted.  Something needs to be changed.  an unhealthy habit needs to be broken or a healthy one needs to begin.  Right?  Resolutions are a call for change…

Secondly, I would say that resolutions are also a plea for help.   You waited for this magical date… January 1st. Why didn’t you quit smoking on December 8th or started the diet on the 17th?  …because you didn’t have the strength to… but now… after January 1st… the year is new… the sun is new… you are new and you suddenly have the strength to go through with that diet..

No you don’t…  you need help… more help than a fresh calendar can provide.

So stop what you’re doing.. stop what you were going to go back to after reading this… and call someone close to you… a sibling, parent, child, friend, spouse and tell them, “I need your help with something.. this year I want to [insert something you need help with]… and I cannot do it on my own.  Will you help?”

If you don’t do that now – then print this off and put it somewhere where you will find it January 1, 2016.. you’re going to need it again…
…just sayin…