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I enjoy reading and watching legal-/detective- dramas/movies… though I must confess the formulaic tripe that gets churned out and aired these days is enough to make a body guelph.

We’ve all seen the scene where Bob and his wife Sara-Mae are arguing about their most recent project.  She’s wearing a tattered, once-colourful scarf wrapped around her dirty blond hair and telling him that on second thought maybe they shouldn’t take out that wall after all. He has curly brown hair a small paunch and is holding the handle of the sledge hammer he has just put through the wall they had agreed to remove.
“You couldn’t have said that sooner?” He asks
“ I dunno, I just thought that… I dunno…” (right hand lifts to brush a loose strand of hair from her face)
He yanks the hammer out of the wall and turns to face her. His face is covered with dust but you can still clearly tell by his expression he’s about to blow his top. He already has the big breath needed to support the diatribe he’s about to unleash but her expression stops him cold.

He slowly turns to see what we have already noticed over his shoulder… the limp decomposing arm of some poor dead soul has fallen through the hole in the wall.

(zoom in on the screaming wife… cue some edgy, hip music as the show begins…)
We’ve all been there right…

OK maybe you didn’t have an arm fall out of the wall but you know what I mean. You start work on a simple renovation but when the wall comes down there is black mold behind it and the $5000 renovation becomes $20 000. You decide to take the tile out of the bathroom (or kitchen) but when you have it down you discover that the tile was covering a massive hole in the wall.

Is there a point to all of this (That’s why you read blogs right?) What’s the lesson?
Well let me suggest some possibilities…

1. All of us need renovating.  That’s why we do the “resolution thing” every year.  It’s what keeps the diet industry in business and makes Dr. Oz-type shows so successful.

2.We all have secrets… holes…  hidden behind the “tile”.  It’s why we answer “fine” even when we aren’t.

3. We all look good with our holes covered.  Some of us have better “tile” or “paper” or “paint” than others…

4. Some live their lives trying to do the renovations on their own, while others look to “professionals”

5. Some pros are shysters…

6. Before you decide to “renovate” make sure you’re ready to pay the price…

…just sayin…