1. Love the ones no one else will (you’ll figure it out)
  2. Give… even when it can’t be given to you.
  3. You can always use one more comforter (If you don’t need it, find someone who does).
  4. Volume doesn’t make you right… and rarely helps.
  5. It’s OK to be wrong.
  6. When someone calls you stupid – instead of proving them right, prove them wrong!
  7. Getting knocked down doesn’t hurt as much if you get back up
  8. Smiling at strangers is more fun than scowling.
  9. If someone is staring it’s probably because they think you are royalty… might as well act the part.
  10. If you act stupid… you are.
  11. Generosity is just better.
  12. Sometimes “losers” just need a helping hand… you did.
  13. When someone yells “duck” duck first, look up second… it’s safer in the end.
  14. Always… ALWAYS be overjoyed when family visits… no one promised you another.
  15. Do not be afraid.