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I’m embarrassed to say I purchased Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Had I 151007-Exodus2014only known… I would have saved my money.

Our family doesn’t typically go to the theatre to watch movies – we find it more enjoyable to curl up on the couch in front of our own big screen at home.  So we waited for it to be released in the stores.

Now, I had read the reviews that talked about how a movie about an African country, that takes place in Africa used only white actors for the main roles.  I had heard reviews on the acting and the set design and the costumes… but I thought to myself, “How can anyone mess up the story?”

Seriously!  It’s the perfect story for action, computer generated graphics, the depiction of the universal battle between good and evil… God and kings…

…for the life of me I cannot understand what compelled the writers, producers and directors to re-write the story!151007-Moses1995

In 1995 Director Roger Young directed Ben Kingsley in an adaptation of the Biblical account of Moses (significantly better than the 2014 Exodus fiasco IMMHO).
In Young’s version the depiction of Exodus 20 is one of my favourite scenes in the movie.

The people have been delivered from slavery.  They have marched into the desert free, but uncertain as to what that means.  They’ve been told they will get to meet the God who has just miraculously delivered them and…

God, as promised, shows up…

It’s overwhelming.  The people are absolutely terrified – and there stands Moses, basking in it… laughing like a man on the edge of crazy.  He’s done it!  He’s brought the people of God to the an encounter with God and now his job is done…

…only the people “can’t handle the Truth”.

I suspect Sundays would look a lot like this if God were to show up in our churches.


…just sayin’