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I think I understand why God does not do more miracles… particularly in North America.

Understand, I’m not saying that He can’t or doesn’t I’m only trying to explore if there might be  a reason why we don’t see more.

Have you ever gone back and watched an old movie?  One where technology plays a significant role?  The phones are huge the headphones outdated and people waste time doing things that are now easily automated.  I once had to explain to my kids what a “Walkman” was!  How about the old CGI effects.  Things that were all the rage only a few short years ago are laughable now.


“If God exists, why doesn’t He prove Himself?”  the critics ask.  “Surely He could do something to make us believe.”

The truth is we grow tired of seeing what we once called miraculous and forever demand more.  If God were to raise someone from the dead every morning at 7:24am EST.  we would soon cry, “That’s not enough!  That’s not proof!  It happened yesterday and will likely happen tomorrow too!”  We would demand He raise two… or three, “Surely, if He’s God, He could raise two”.  Soon that wouldn’t be enough either. Worse we would become used to the miraculous.  So used to it that we would stop calling it a miracle.

If you doubt that’s true consider what we’ve done with the miracle of birth.  As a society we’ve gone from seeing it as miraculous… So seeing it as a right… So seeing it as an inconvenience.  Consider the number of miracles, that are aborted each day in North America…

…just sayin’…

Jesus told a story once of a man who being condemned to hell asked that some sort of miraculous sign be performed in order to ensure his brothers would get the message that God is real and judgement is coming.  Jesus basically responds, “They’ve already had plenty… If they aren’t convinced by the ones in front of them additional ones will make no difference.

I guess the question  to ask is:  Are you missing any miracles?