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So, I’m reading the Christmas story… It’s in the Bible… I know, I know,  I’m crazy like that, It’s a good book and I find myself reading it all the time.

Anyway, I’m reading the Christmas story and it occurs to me that one of the things that God must be trying to teach us through that story is that whenever He moves, the cosmos shakes.   That He cannot do anything without it causing some sort of seismic shift in the material world.

So, if we want to know what God is about to do, the signs are all around us… we just need to be able to see and read them.   Why couldn’t Herod and Jerusalem see the star that the Magi were following in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 2?   Why did Herod send the magi on ahead and wait for them to return with news of where the baby lay?

How could the night sky light up with angels and thunder with the sound of their singing and nobody else  in Bethlehem notices?   Just a bunch of shepherds…

Think about it.   What if I’m right?   What if  the signs of what God is about to do are all around us… but like Herod we just can’t see them…

…just sayin’