Genesis 1:1 In the beginning.. GOD…

I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve got that one down already!”

Do you?

Everything starts here.  It’s the beginning afterall.

I remember reading an article about a great deal of excitement in the scientific community because someone had finally empirically proven that there was, in fact, a beginning.

…as followers of Christ we keep reading.

“In the beginning… GOD…”

You might be surprised how many people who still claim to be believers, are fine with the first three words but think that the fourth is going too far.

In the beginning God…

In the beginning God was already there – He was before the beginning.  The beginning comes after… that is, it follows God… it is beckoned.  Everything started because God made.

God, from nothingness made something.  It irks the false scientists that they have never been able to do this.  They can modify, splice DNA, alter, reconstruct, repair… some can even craft… but none have been able to create.

I say “false” scientist because any true scientist is inspired and challenged by the unknown. She does not dismiss it at false.  Her calling is to discover… not disprove.  She takes it has her mission to observe and report not to ‘object to’, or to ridicule.  A scientist who cannot say, “I don’t know” is no scientist at all…

Anyone who would dismiss with a wave of their hand that which they do not understand is no scientist.  Only fools ridicule what they do not understand.  If I do not understand a thing it means there is more in this life for me to discover.  And no one mocks what they understand.  You may find humour in it, joy in it, you may laugh till you cry each time you think of it but one thing you will not do is mock it.

There is no fool like the fool who thinks they know it all.

…as it turns out the same is true of faith.  The “believer” who acts as though they have it all figured out is no believer… not of the true God anyways!  The believer who chokes on the words, “I don’t know” hasn’t read much of the scriptures…

“In the beginning, God…”

How?  Wha?  Where was He?  What was He doing? How is this possible?

I don’t know…  but that won’t stop me from believing.  In fact, it is why I believe!  …and why I pursue.


…just sayin’