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I’ve been thinking lots about truth lately.  Why aren’t more people responding to the truth of the gospel?

Well, unfortunately, one of the reasons is because of the people who already believe.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it:  “I don’t believe in God because Christians are so-o-o arrogant!”

Unfortunately it’s true, Christians can at times be very arrogant.

The problem of course is that the Gospel is not about the failings of the people who believe.  It is, thankfully, bigger than us.  Bigger than our mistakes… our sins… our brokenness and yes, even bigger than our misguided arrogance.

Having made my honest confession…  If you put your hand in fire… you will get burned.  If I’m condescending or arrogant when I state that truth, does that make it less true?  If I’m rude, or call you an idiot first, that will not prevent you from getting burned by the flames.

So it is with truth.

The truth of a thing is not affected by the arrogance or humility of the messenger.  Truth has it’s own legs to stand on.

When we are pursuing truth we need to guard ourselves against being put off by the attitudes of others.

The issue is:  Is this Truth?  Whether I like the messenger or not is completely irrelevant.

Of course there is no reason for Christians to be arrogant.  They are ‘saved’ by admitting they are not worthy to be saved.  This alone ought to make Christians the most humble of all people on the planet.

But…  Unbelievable believers do not negate truth…


…just sayin’