I once heard a guy… let’s call him Wendell, explaining why he refuses to become a follower of Christ.

“There are,” he said, “too many variations and options out there.”

It is a common criticism leveled against many faiths.  There are so many different varieties of “Christian” how is a person to tell who is right?

It’s true that there are lots of denominations… stripes… varieties and brands of religions, faiths and Christians out there.  That this is sufficient reason to give up the search for truth is perhaps a bit telling.

North Americans are lazy… We want it easy… This may be true for other western cultures as well but North America is the one with which I am most familiar.

People who lament that finding truth takes too much effort have no desire to find it.  We think it should fall into our laps.  We want to be able to google ‘truth’ and get a single, tidy answer that fits nicely and conveniently into our lives.

We don’t want to have to work or wrestle for it…

..but what if there is no short-cut?

If you want to become a great musician you have to work for it…

If you want to be an excellent athlete you’ll have to work at it… even if your goal is just to be the best athlete you can possibly be.  You may never qualify for Olympic trials – that’s besides the point.  Just to be the best you can be requires effort.

If you want to become an effective communicator, dancer, teacher, plumber…[fill in the blank] you have to work at it…

How is it that we get the whole need to “work for it” when it comes to sports, employment and hobbies but think that something as significant and important as truth should just fall into our laps?

The pursuit of truth is important!  Treat it like it is!


…just sayin’