I’m not sure where I acquired it, but I have in my collection some writings on Prayer by Mark Herringshaw & Jennifer Schuchmann…  The opinions expressed are theirs (it’s a direct quote – which I will remove if they so request)  here it is:

Regardless of our competence or success at work, home, or school, and independent of our awards and accolades, we continue to experience situations where we feel out of control. Life brings an endless parade of intense moments of beauty, pain, injustice, confusion, and hopelessness, that takes us past the end of ourselves and leaves us searching for someone or something else.
We never have enough.
It’s never good enough.
We continually come up short.
Life is hard, and we often seem ill-equipped for the challenges.

What if this is intentional?

Could it be that we were set up to fail on our own?
What if the Creator of the universe shaped a world that is complicated beyond the comprehension of the people who live there? So complicated that they can’t exist in it without crying out for help?
What would that world look like?

It would be a world filled with desperate and needy

…And everyone would be praying.

…just sayin’ (those last two words are mine☻)