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I was reading “UnBranding” a clever and informative book by Scott & Alison Stratten.

(I could go on gushing about how much I enjoyed the book but you don’t know me so my recommendation means nothing to you… unless… you do know me in which case you’ve already stopped reading this and are off to find a copy☻)

People didn’t start trying to project the perfect image of them selves with the advent of social media.  (That’s not a direct quote but it’s pretty close).

Trying to pawn ourselves off as better than we are is as old as the human race.  What’s different, what technology allows us to do, is to project an image of ourselves far beyond the circle of people who know us.

Even that might not be so big of a deal if we didn’t also allow, invite… encourage… these complete strangers to rank and rate us.  It’s the rating that we chasing…

Why are we ranking ourselves and others?  Why are we creating 4-point, 5-point and 10-point scales by which to imprison our exceptional individual personalities?  How have we become so deceived as to believe our humanity, our uniqueness can be contained, reduced, enslaved by an arbitrary number.

The God I believe in created you to be you! …to be uniquely you.  Of the 7.44 billion people on the planet (and the billions of others who have lived and died) there has never been and will never be another you.  EVER!  (this is the real tragedy of abortion) You might find your doppelganger… you might find a soulmate who is so-o-o similar you feel you’ve known each other since forever… you might even be an identical twin… but they are not YOU!   …they will never be you.

You cannot compare your ‘rating’ to anyone else’s because no two people occupy the same scale.  God did not create you to sit in a balance judged by or against those around you…

He placed you, His child, in a swing because He loves to hear your giggles and laughter as you fly back and forth.


…just sayin’