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AKA – meddlin’…

Acts 14.8

So there was a man in Lystra during the first century.  We don’t know his name.  If it is ever given it is never in connection with this account. We don’t know if an accident happened while he was an infant or if he was born with some physical malformity of muscle, bone or tissue.  What we do know is that he had never walked a day in his life.  Given the times, it is quite likely that everyone in Lystra was familiar with this man and his story.  It’s not small wonder then when two strangers walk into town and heal this man that crowd might be easily convinced that the strangers were actually gods in disguise (remember the times!).  Of course a crowd is going to gather… of course a celebration is going to break out… of course the people of Lystra are going to be eager to honour their gods…

At first, the two strangers, Paul and Barnabas don’t quite catch what is happening.  O, it’s obvious the miracle has excited the crowd but they don’t seem to be immediately aware that the people have begun to worship them.  The crowd has made gods of men

Before you shake your head at the pagan primitives…  have you seen our stadiums lately?

Before you shake your head at the sports-crazed non-believer have you seen our worship concerts? 

Are our ‘rock star’ music leaders and mega church pastors the equivalent?  When our favourite speaker, or musician or band comes to a nearby city don’t we rush out and sacrifice our money and time to gather at the altars on which they stand, raising our hands and snapping pictures and buying merch? 

…have we maybe made gods of men (and women)?