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What is TRUTH?

What is truth anymore? Is it just a free-for-all where everyone gets to decide truth for themselves? What happens when “my truth” clashes with “your truth”? Is truth something that we each individually get to decide and shape, or is truth...

LENT – Rhythms of Remembrance

How we prepare for a thing is a good indicator of what we think of that thing… how we value it… how important it is to us… How do you prepare to remember and celebrate Christ gift of...

LENT – Rhythms of Remembrance

No video this week as we enter the season of LENT. I will try to get the LENT Message posted as quickly as possible. A CAREgroup PDF is available for download below. CAREgroup LENTEN ResourceDownload

It is Finished

This message was delivered Good Friday 2020 but the truth of it stands for eternity!…more than...