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the IMMANUEL challenge


Identify three areas, concerns, circumstances in your life where you need God to be Immanuel: God with you.

Write them down.

If you journal and you have your 2020 journal already you might want to put these three items on the first page of your new journal.

You’re probably going to want to revisit this list later.


Start with the first item in your list and pray.  Invite God to be Immanuel (with you) in this area, circumstance, concern, etc.

For example, if you’ve listed your marriage as one area of concern you might pray: “God be Immanuel to me in my marriage.”

Your prayer can be as simple or as short as the prayer above or as detailed and lengthy as you choose. 

It’s important to be honest in your prayer.  If you are frustrated or angry or tired – let God know.  If He cannot handle your emotion – whatever it is – He is not God.


Now that you have had your say… let God have His.

After you have prayed, sit in silence.  I would recommend at least 2 minutes of silence.  You are, of course, free to take as long as you want.

Write down whatever it is you feel God may say to you in these moments.  Perhaps a verse will come to mind, a parable, a Psalm, a worship song or Hymn.  Perhaps a name will come to mind and God might invite you to call, visit, serve someone in a specific way…

…or maybe He will gift you with the blessing of peaceful, peace-filled silence in the midst of the chaos of the season.

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