Four years ago (on my other blog☻) I blogged the following…

1 Kings 19:9,13 “…and the LORD said to Elijah, “What are you doing here. Elijah?””

Good question eh?

What are YOU doing?

Look at Elijah’s response.  He seems eager to tell God how he was doing everything right …but everyone was out to get him.
“I’m so faithful but “they” are not…”
“I’m standing up for You God and defending Your honour and name while “they” are running around killing all the good folk   (folk like me)
“I’m all alone… it’s me against “them”…

I’m surprised God doesn’t just take Elijah’s head off…   or at least raise His voice, cause thunder to shake the earth and lightening to strike a nearby tree.

Remember, this Elijah guy has just called down fire from heaven in the name of his God.   He’s prayed the end of a three year drought.   (If I had seen and done stuff like that I wouldn’t ask for another sign  for the rest of my life… calling down fire from heaven?   WOWS!!  I’m pretty sure I’d have been a better Elijah than Elijah…  yeah right…).

Elijah should be strutting down the street.   His confidence should be brimming.

“Look at me people!   I just went head to head with 400 false prophets and came out on top!   Don’t mess with me!   Do you know that three year drought we’ve been having?   I prayed the rain down!   ME!”

Instead…   What are you doing Elijah?

I’m on the run…. I don’t know what’s next.. I thought it was going to turn out differently.   I thought that people would see Your power through me and would hoist me up on their shoulders chanting “YAHWEH! YAHWEH! YAHWEH!”   with a few “EL-I-JAH!   EL-I-JAH!”   thrown in… instead I’m on the run… nothing seems to have changed.

What’s your answer?   What are YOU doing…?

Well, I don’t know… I guess what I really want to know is what You intend to do for me now God?

Hmmm…. What are YOU doing?

Honestly, I thought it was going to turn out differently.

I thought that my marriage would be different… that my spouse would love and adore me – understand my soul,
I thought my kids would grow to respect me… ask for my wisdom before every life choice and always take my advice
I thought my job would be completely fulfilling, rewarding and that people would shower me with awards for my innovation and creativity
I thought I’d be richer… happier… prettier… more respected… better…

I thought it would be different…

So what do you do?

Do what Elijah should have done…

Remind yourself of where you’ve come from…
Remind yourself of what you’ve been through…
Remind yourself of who walks with you…
You are never alone…

Just sayin’